Drew Crawford

Is working on becoming a serial entrepreneur with Beesly being his 5th business. 6th if you count the candy store run out his mom’s laundry room in 3rd grade. Drew has been a Lightspeed Retail POS consultant since 2007and a retail business owner since 2004 (Wooden Stone Gallery). Really, he

grew up around retail at his grandfather’s farm machinery business. One thing remains the same, it is hard to get the right data at the right time. His vision is to make working with data as easy for you as ordering coffee or beer at your favorite place – it is practically waiting for you when you arrive.

Brett Coburn

Brett Coburn is a technologist, entrepreneur, and former educator who has spent most of his professional life helping businesses solve problems using software. He currently resides in Asheville, NC where he enjoys hiking in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.


Ariel grew up as a farm girl in a small village in Upstate NY, Then moved to the great American city of Buffalo, NY to pursue her education in Civil Engineering. After graduating with her Bachelors Degree from the University at Buffalo in 2016, she spent a year traveling around the world in a combination of self indulgence and volunteer based opportunities; jumping between countries such as Ireland, Greece, the Philippines, and Ghana. After she returned to the States she participated in an internship with DIY Tiny, a tiny house on wheels community located in East Asheville, and decided to stay, because what better place is there to live. Through the owner Drew Crawford she became involved in entrepreneurial pursuits which lead her to join the Beesly team. She is quick to start dancing to any music, has a fondness getting dirt under her nails, and has a never ending laundry list of new and interesting things to learn!


Caleb graduated from Emory University with a B.A. in History in Spring 2017. After graduation, he went on a bike tour from Copenhagen, Denmark to Barcelona, Spain. Caleb moved to Asheville in May 2018 where he began working for Celine and Company Catering. Caleb/s first interaction with Beesly came at the Hatch This! competition where he joined the team in market research. He is eager to learn more about report design and SQL. In his free time, Caleb likes exercise, going to potlucks, and reading.


“And a thank you to Hatch AVL and the sponsors of Hatch This! That really got us going.”

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